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30. What does Bob ask Jim?

a. If he understands football

b. If he is going to Saturday's football game

c. If he has plans for Saturday

d. If he can get off work on Saturday

31. What does Bob imply about football?

a. It is an easy game to understand

b. Jim will never understand the fine points of the game

c. Jim will eventually like the game

d. It is played every Saturday

32. What is an example Bob gives Jim about the game?

a. Right after a Kick off

b. A touchdown

c. A field goal

d. All of the above

33. Where will Bob and Jim meet to walk to the game?

a. Jim's dorm

b. In front of the stadium

c. Bob's dorm

d. The author

34. What does Bob mean when he says this..."of course"?

a. He wants to help Jim learn to like football

b. He will sit with Jim at the game

c. He will want Jim to stay for the entire game

d. None of the above

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